About Cocojal - 100% Natural Tender Coconut Water

Doctors will be glad to know they can prescribe all the benefits of Tender Coconut Water, with all the convenience of a bottle / can.

Previously our company used to pack in sachets also, in fact we were the pioneers in India to introduce packed Natural Tender Coconut Water in sachets but due to huge leakages/damages, during long distance transportation, and in order to avoid the chances of spilling over the body wihle tearing off the sachets, the company under took the task of developing new packing for Natural Tender Coconut Water and once again as trend setter, came out in packing system i.e. Bottles - which is Food Grade and Eco friendly, with an active support and help of Defence Food Research Laboratory, a Premiere Defence Lab, under the aegis of Ministry of Defence, Government Of India. These bottles are more handy, convenient and easy to carry, can be easily stored in fridges at home/hospitals/offices. This is also very convenient for the retailer to stack in the outlets, consuming less precious space.


Farm Fresh Tender Coconut are selected and Natural Tender Coconut Water is squeezed out, untouched by hand and put through a special process and packed in food-grade Bottles/ Cans, which keeps it fresh for 9/18 months. The taste is Natural and hence good. Tender Coconut Water is considered the healthiest & best sports drink in the world, because it contains vitamins and proteins. The benefits of Tender Coconut Water discovered by ayurvedic experts centuries ago, is even today being put to use in modern hospitals worldwide. Cocojal will make it much more convenient to take those benefits to the hospitals.

Though refrigeration is not necessary for Cocojal, it tastes best when served chilled.


An Ayurvedic physician Acharya Vagbhata defined Tender Coconut Water as having the following properties.

Swadu sweet because of glucose, fructose and carbohydrate contents. Vrishya-aphrodisiac. Himam-cool. Lagu-its specific gravity is less than that of plasma and it is easily digestible, Deepana-helps digestion. Vasthi-purifies urinary organs, pseudonym-bladder. It alleviates thirst, pith and Vatha. Lately, the scientists and doctors all over the world have also confirmed the therapeutic properties of the Tender Coconut Water, which at present is being used as remedy for a lot of ailments.

The Philippine scientists have discovered that Tender Coconut Water is a simple medium for the production of a powerful antibiotic called oxy-tetracycline, commonly know as tetramycine.

Sugar forms an important constituent of the Tender Coconut Water. In addition, the water contains traces of protein vitamins and minerals.

The pleasant taste of CocoJal 100% natural Tender Coconut Water is attributed mainly due to natural sugar and mineral matters contained in it. Besides minor constituents such as free amino acids and dissolved gases might also contribute to overall flavor and mouth feel.

It is an effective tonic to help while convalescing and can be safely prescribed in cases of typhoid, colitis, small pox, chicken pox, measles, dysentery, diarrhoea, diphtheria, pneumonia, bronchitis, nephrites, cystitis and after major surgical operations and during pregnancy to overcome giddiness. It is good medicine for chronic bronchitis, constipation and piles.

Cocojal is a natural isotonic beverage, increases semen, promotes digestion, cleans urinary path and increases blood circulation in kidney.


  1. Homes
  2. Offices
  3. Hospitals
  4. Sports Persons
  5. Marriages
  6. Other Occasions
  7. Welcome Drinks
  8. Hotels and Restaurants
Wherein people want to welcome or serve their loved ones and offer healthiest and energetic drinks in the world.
  • No more carrying heavy tender coconuts from outside. Just to cite an example for a 4 member family you need to carry 4 tender coconuts and each weigh approx 2 kgs, i.e. 8 kgs and each hold on a average 200 ml of Tender Coconut Water. But same and equal benefits can also be achieved by takin only 4 bottles of COCOJAL of 200 ml each which weighs approx. 217 Grams * 4 nos. i.e. less than a Kilo! And further the messy work of cutting, untidiness and last but not the least, waste of tender nut also weighs approx. 7.2kgs each.
  • Cocojal can be kept in fridges for drinking chilled which may not possible in case of tender coconuts.
  • No need of a knife to cut it, and no worrying about the knife's cleanliness.
  • Patients in hospitals are safer from infection because no chopping and transfer to glass is involved. Just pierce, insert the straw and drink.
  • The inconvenience of keeping bulky tender coconuts in a home/offices/hospitals are eliminated.
  • Available at the nearest supermarkets/retail shop/medical store. May be even at the pharmacy inside your premises.
  • Also there is no more spillage over your body while tearing / cutting the sachets.